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Character set:all chars
Check digit:Reed-Solomon error correction
Description Data Matrix is a very area efficient 2D (two dimensional) barcode symbology that uses a unique perimeter pattern which helps the barcode scanner determine the cell locations. The cells are made up of square modules. Because it can encode letters, numbers, text and actual bytes of data, it can encode just about anything including text characters, unicode characters and photos. It is commonly used to encode data from a few digits to several hundred digits.

The encoding and decoding process of Data Matrix is very complex and several methods have been used for error correction in the past. ECC200 is the newest and most standard version of data matrix error correction. It supports advanced encoding and error checking with Reed Solomon error correction algorithms. These algorithms allow the recognition of barcodes that are up to 60% damaged. Our DataMatrix ActiveX Control supports ECC-200 error correction.

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